Tuesday, September 13, 2011

¢5 CENTS?!

Oh the joy! I have a passion for many things in life. One of them is my love for good wine. The blissful marriage found between food and wine sparked me to try as many wines as I can! I do have to be honest about one wine I find completely unnecessary and overly sweet and that is Gewurztraminer. I would rather have a cupcake people!

The BEVMO 5 cent wine sale happens twice and year and most people have never even heard of it. For my sister-in-law's baby shower I ended up buying 20 bottles of Toques et Clochers Crémant de Limoux NV champagne under the 5 cent wine sale and saved big time. This champagne was also voted one of the top ten best party wines and champagnes by food and wine magazine! BEVMO came up with a clever way to have people from amateur wine enthusiasts to expert sommeliers get some great deals. If you buy one bottle of wine you get the second one for 5 cents only. You have to check and see which wines participate but be adventurous and try something new! You might find yourself becoming a fan of a wine you never though you liked (unless it's a gewurztraminer and then I have nothing to say to you).

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